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It’s So Nice to Be Remembered!

It’s So Nice to Be Remembered!

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The chilled Starbucks air felt heavenly on such a hot and muggy day. Accompanying that relief was an unexpected and greatly appreciated gift — actually, two gifts.

One of my insecurities is a fear of not being remembered.  I’m getting better, but I still hesitate to approach someone I met but don’t know well, concerned they will not have a clue who I am. The potential of an awkward, uncomfortable encounter can keep me away.

Over the years, I consistently hear that people remember my laugh and my curly hair. What touched me today was hearing my neighborhood barista remember a conversation we had a year ago when his location first opened.

Andy, the barista with what turns out to be an incredible memory, reminded me (and shared with his colleagues) that we first chatted through their walk-up window. I asked if they were open on the weekends, which they were not at that time, and said I’d come back the next day, which I did. It was the briefest of conversations, but he remembered it completely.

Over time, Andy and I have continued our chats. I have a strong memory of being deeply touched by his consistent warmth and kindness. Today, having my words and actions mirrored back to me made me feel valued, and that is a gift beyond measure. Valued as a customer, yes — but, more importantly, I felt valued as a person.

I’ve gotten to know a few other people working there, including the one who gave me the second gift — a card for a free drink to celebrate their anniversary along with a thank you for being with them over this year. The card was nice, and the thank you even nicer.  Once again, the feeling of being valued washed over me.

It is easy to discount these interactions and say this is just part of the business of retaining customers. But this heartfelt human connection is quite special in my little corner of this large impersonal corporation. I value the experience and the people who create it.

My iced espresso with “extra extra” ice refreshes my body. This upward spiral of mutual valuing refreshes my soul.

Cathy Joseph is the author of the Random Conversations blog and is currently seeking representation for her book, The Art of Having a Delicious Conversation.

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2 thoughts on “It’s So Nice to Be Remembered!”

  1. Cathy! You are such a beautiful, lovely soul through and through and I simply cannot imagine a single person who would not remember you! I have learned SO MUCH from you over our 30 years of friendship and working together… mostly watching and learning from your interactions and communication skills with EVERYONE! Heck, two of my sons cannot speak of you or remember you without smiling! Your purity enlightens your aura of goodness in every delicious conversation!! Great post!

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