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Hope Is in the Air

Hope Is in the Air

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Propelling us forward

May is a month of purple robes filling Washington Square Park as NYU holds graduation ceremonies for their various schools in addition to their All-University Commencement.

Students are ecstatic, reveling in their accomplishment. Parents are proud. Photos are taken at the arch and at the fountain, with friends and with parents, posed and spontaneous. Women hold bouquets of flowers.

The joy is palpable – I can feel it as an observer. There is hope in the form of dreams and aspirations. Possibilities seem to stretch into the foreseeable future. Whatever that future holds, this moment in time is a profound accomplishment – one that brings with it tremendous change.

A Reflection

I have been reflecting on the power of hope, dreams, and aspirations. They don’t stop when our academic years have launched us into our “real” lives. If we are open to it, they continue to propel us forward.

I don’t plan to ever outgrow my desire to learn, to grow, to add value. Standing in the sea of purple robes, the energy of those graduates filled my heart and refocused me along my own path of possibilities.

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded.

Photo by Baim Hanif on Unsplash

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