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Another Birthday … and Counting

Another Birthday … and Counting

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A reflection

The numbers do get higher, while my inner age remains at 37. I have no idea why 37 is the number, but it has been the age I have carried in my heart since I was 35. Go figure.

Leading me into this year’s birthday conversation with myself is a quote from director Richard Linklater in this weekend’s NY Times. When asked his relationship now to his work from earlier in his career, Linklater responded,

“The most fascinating relationship we all have is to ourselves at different times in our lives.”

Exploring that relationship, I find myself replaying memories. There’s the me that grew up in Arizona, the me who lived in Los Angeles, in South Africa, in Connecticut, and now in New York City. Each geographic location is tied to specific people, to work, to experiences. I carry them all with me.

A Place of Peace

I feel very fortunate in the passing of this time. I am healthy and happy – the two “h’s” we typically wish for each other. I love what I do and where I live. I am blessed with the most wonderful friends who are a constant source of caring and delight.

From this vantage point, I can look dispassionately at the most difficult of these experiences and simply observe them. I no longer feel the drama of painful times that I thought would never end. They are reduced to being a blip on a screen. If only I could have understood how small they were at the time.

Would I change anything? I wish I had the wisdom in my younger years to respond to conflict and adversity in ways that come naturally now. That said, I feel that I have always done the best I could, and with that comes peace.

A Celebration

Birthday calls, emails, and texts have been arriving for over a week now – and each one touches my heart. I kicked off my birthweek with a fantastic show on Broadway and will follow that by exploring a new immersive museum. Lunches and dinners are taking place with several who are dear to me.

This birthday is calling for simplicity, and I am happy to comply. I feel that newness is on the horizon, and I am excited to uncover what that might be. Until it does, I am happy enjoying my life exactly as it is.

There is much to be grateful for, and that is something worth celebrating!

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